Friday, July 11, 2008

How Long Till the Next Flip... or Flop?

As the Proverbial Wind blows through Capitol Hill... and the latest polling comes rolling in... we hear, faint whispers, drowned by the whistling of the wind... Americans are getting very pissed off at the cost of Gas at the pump... Oil per barrel and the chain reaction and the upward spiral in prices of just about everything! We hear that Harry Reid, and Nazi Bella-Polosi have heard the pole numbers... and are SCARED... enough so that we might be seeing a shift in their "No Drilling" stand.

As this pyridine comes into play... how long before Barry O, first softens his stand, then does an about face... in the face of these pole numbers?

And when this happens, just watch... The Huffington's of the world will all join in and say that he never said he was against "Drilling Our Way Out of This Mess". Just like they are doing with his Staunch Stance against the War... and how He never said he would pull out of Iraq immediately (or was it 60 days)...

Does anyone remember reading "1984"? Remember when the government or "Big Brother" would make their big announcements that the were increasing the Chocolate rations? When in reality, they were making them smaller? No one noticed... everyone cheered...

Why is almost 50% of the United States blind?