Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is There a Tape?

The question, "Is there a Tape?"
... a tape of Mrs. Obama. The true crux of the dilemma is not whether or not there is an incriminating tape of Ms. Obama touting racial and or anti American subject matter... the truth doesn't matter here... what does matter to all Americans is that it is BELIEVABLE.
Most Americans could believe that there is such a tape out there... whether or not it exists, and whether or not it is ever produced doesn’t matter. Why? Because it is believable! In the back of voter's minds, in their subconscious, they can see and envision such a tape, playing on prime time TV or on some "Talk Radio" program.
Think about it... if there was a rumor going around that, say, Laura Bush or even Rosalyn Carter had been caught on tape spouting ethic slurs or anti American propaganda... would anyone believe it? I don't think so...

Just one more thing to think about ;-)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Come on in, The Kool-Ade is chilled and the water is great!

Mr. Obama is a dangerous man… He is a Socialist (Or Marxist, communist, Stalinist, collectivist, or whatever else you can come up with. Oh and a very radical Leftist (More left than Hillary!) God, if it was a choice between her and him, I would gladly take her!)

And as much as he says he is for Our Freedoms, in reality, he wants to take them away by regulating the hell out of us… taxing the hell out of us… using those dollars to grow the Government (Womb to Tomb) and increase our international spending (giving $ to people who hate us) by a TRILLION dollars! He also thinks he is smarter than everyone and that He knows best (Father Knows Best) what is good for us, since we are incapable of taking care of ourselves…

Ah yes, back to taxes and freedoms

Here, think or ponder on this scenario…
1. Ok, let’s say the average American pays say 30% in income, fed and state…etc taxes… so, right there, 70 cents on the dollar.
2. Next, we use the premise that Corporations don’t pay tax (in reality)… because they pass the savings on to us… Thus around another 30%...
3. coupled with local sales taxes… another 6% …

Are you seeing the picture here? For every Dollar you work your rear end off for, in reality, you only get to use 33 cents to live off of! The rest goes to the Government.

So, out of that 33 cents, comes your food, water, electricity, gas, gasoline…etc (which are also taxed!) car payments, insurance… on and on and on….

Now if Barry has his way (or Charley Wrangle), He (they) would take more of that 33cents away from you… more of your “Discretionary Income”. Which, in turn means, you will spend less… right? Which, in turn means the businesses that depend on you buying their products and services will sell less… right? Which in turn means that they might have to fire or lay off employees… right?

You see this “Discretionary Income” is part of the life blood of our economy.

We can dive in further in... we can see or understand more why companies outsource… out of the USA. The decision is based on pure economics… Cost of products. Part of said costs are… you guessed it, taxes … and don’t forget Regulatory costs!

Another interesting observation that I heard the other day was... Hollywood and their Leftist agenda and activism. Now being an actor, actress, Thespian or what every you want to call yourself… one would think that they would get the scenario I have laid out above, and come to the realization that their own survival, livelihoods, and way of life in all dependent on… you guessed it, “Discretionary Income!” Kind of ironic… (Or moronic) that these people will shoot themselves in the foot… but what comes around goes around… But they don’t get it!

This Obama Economic plan is a reverse Reaganomics plan… when it helps the Government grow, while shrinking the economy…