Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed... how people pointing fingers and accusations at others, are actually doing the actual offence them selves? i.e Like a Husband accusing his wife of cheating... and in actuality, she wasn't, but it was He who was...
So when Howard Dean-alinscki spouts off that the Republicans will be pulling the race card, just like they always have for the last 30 years... he is actually telegraphing his punch. When the "Chosen One", Mr Obama says in a speech that "They will tell you to be fearful of me" and that "I don't look like those other guys on the dollar bills"... (He is playing the race card... ) Then his minions go out and spread the news that the Republicans are Race-Baiting. Come on, how transparent! In acuality, it is, and always has been, the Democrats pulling the race card...
If the minority population would take off their blinders, look around and see the land scape... even do a little research into Real history... the history of the democrats and the Republicans. Do they realize, the Republican party was founded because they opposed slavery and the Democrats wanted Slavery? This was the mane reason the Civil war started! The first Civil Rights legislation was passed around 1865... by Republicans. The 1964 Civil Rights legislation was passed because of Republicans... Not the Democrats... in fact there were 5 Dem's that tried to filibuster the legislation... one was Mr. Bird(aka Mr. KKK) one of the others was Mr. Gore... Yes, Al Gore's Daddy!
It just makes me sick to see all of these people blindly following these False Prophets... they don't care for the little guy... they only care about what they have to say to keep and increase their power.

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