Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is There a Tape?

The question, "Is there a Tape?"
... a tape of Mrs. Obama. The true crux of the dilemma is not whether or not there is an incriminating tape of Ms. Obama touting racial and or anti American subject matter... the truth doesn't matter here... what does matter to all Americans is that it is BELIEVABLE.
Most Americans could believe that there is such a tape out there... whether or not it exists, and whether or not it is ever produced doesn’t matter. Why? Because it is believable! In the back of voter's minds, in their subconscious, they can see and envision such a tape, playing on prime time TV or on some "Talk Radio" program.
Think about it... if there was a rumor going around that, say, Laura Bush or even Rosalyn Carter had been caught on tape spouting ethic slurs or anti American propaganda... would anyone believe it? I don't think so...

Just one more thing to think about ;-)

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