Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Don't Blame Me"

Well... she won big in West-By God-Virginia... Is it buyers remorse? Could it be that the real Democrats are really much too conservative for Mr. Obama? The Elite or Egg-Head Left and the Main Stream Media are trying to ram him down America's throat... These Idealists... who think that Communism was the best thing since sliced bread, really have their heads in the clouds! I thought I would never say it, but at least with Hillery, you know what you are getting. Maybe Ann Coulter has something?
John McCain with his Cap and Trade will kill Trade... and might as well ask Al Inconvenient Gore to be his VP running mate.
Why are these Limousine Liberals so attracted to Carl Marx? Why is the media also attracted? If we look at history, these would be the first people that would be dealt with in a social revolution, Like the French or the Russians. Just like the uproar with Terrorists... "They are parents to"... they wouldn't hesitate to whack them in a blink of an eye. Are they that naive? or that much of (supposed) Educated Elite's that they are above it all? You really have to wonder about their mental stability.
Things are getting scary out there! As well as frustrating!

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