Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Train Kept-a-Rolling all Night Long..........

Reverend Wright is just like the “Unsinkable Molly” from Titanic fame.

Bill Moyers might as well have done a replay of Saturday Night Live with the puff-ball questions and asking him if his pillow was soft enough. The persona depicted is what some people have referred to as Mr. Rogers Like is a joke.

As the weekend progressed, and Mr. Wright went on to explain the differences between “Whites and Blacks” … Come on! Does Jimmy The Greek have anything on this guy?

For a spilt second, I almost felt sorry for Obama… but then I woke up. The question yesterday was does he realize? Well, he realizes… and he is riding this horse for all it’s worth… riding that hose called Barrack Hussein Obama, right into the ground.

Of course, the avid Hillary supporter who arranged the National Press Club speech was just gasoline on the fire.(we need to thank her)

When Mr. Wright was asked if he loved this country… his response was about him being in the service for 6 years… "How many did Cheney serve?" Well, we never got an answer… just another question.

Will Obama give another speech?
Will he be able to calm the voter’s fears?
Cajole and convince the Democrat Party that he is still the Savior?
Convince the Super Delegates that they should still stick to him and not Hillary?
And will the Democrat Party think about changing their rules after this fiasco is over?

Mr. Dean doesn't seem to command enough authority to keep this situation under control… I guess it rule with a down pillow… not even a fist… and forget about an Iron one.

Denver will be a train wreck! And everyone will be watching it happen in slow motion and instant replay… over and over again.

But, it does make this process more interesting ;-)

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